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Fiction-theory and astrophysics


The presented philosophical interpretation of astronomy and physics is based on the assumption that an infinite analysis of matter results in no matter being found, which means that we live in a true emptiness or zero- dimension. In other words, there was nothing before the universe came into existence, with the consequence that the universe could only have been born out of nothing.

This theory introduces a matter-less primal force which, according to some, was created or, according to others came into existence spontaneously. This is not new, because Einstein already arrived at the conclusion that space, matter, time and energy emerged simultaneously out of nothing.

In an innovative view of the Big Bang theory, the universe originated from a zero-dimension with zero matter and with, in zero packaged, positive and negative energy. During the Big Bang, this packeged energy exploded and divided into both positive and negative primal forces which should neutralize each other in the fundamental equation; all the positive primal force present in the universe minus all the negative primal force present there equals zero (= fiction). Or, in other words, zero energy = positive energy minus negative energy.

The Big Bang, which is a dividing inflation explosion, divided this matter-less primal force into an infinite number of positive and negative primal force fields, consisting of nothing.

Based on the assumption that temperature is a measurement of the velocity of vibration movement, there cannot have been any vibration movement, nor any temperature (= theoretic absolute zero) before the Big Bang movement explosion. Therefore, one may assume that the explosion occurred at a temperature equal to absolute zero and without any vibration movement, and thus without any energy balance being disturbed.

Without movement, the positive and negative forces will cancel each other out, whereas their movement at a certain velocity will keep them apart Consequently, without movement there is no mass; mass is a consequence of the movement of positive and negative primal force fields.

The Big Bang division could only be brought about by a force which should at least equal the highest known velocity of movement in the universe; the speed of light, at which speed particles were blown straight into the space, that had been created by their very appearance, from a central point, from a 180-degree position, and thus with an enormous, initially homogeneous density, at absolute zero (i.e. without vibration).

The primal force that was disrupted during the Big Bang will try to restore itself in order to assume its original state again, which is prevented by the eruption force of the speed of light. This restoring force is the origin of gravity, and the source of “mass swelling”. Statement: Mass is a swelling force in which the primal explosion speed prevents the positive and negative force fields from amalgamating and thus becoming nil.

This swelling force, gravity, is the reason why weight is experienced within a mass, e.g. a planet, etc., although mass itself is weightless. In quantum mechanics this is known as the concept of wave/particle duality, wherein tne particle = the result of swelling force, and the wave = the result of speed (also in the form of orbiting, spinning, vibrating and waving).

In space the weightlessness enables gravity (of the black mass) to stabilize formations. This is the reason why the sinking of a celestial body into the “dark mass” web is not caused by its weight but by the diminishing velocity of the mass, as explained later.

During the process described above, the original explosion movement speed prevented the positive and negative force fields from amalgamating, allowing a development inclined towards a movement in constant positive/negative equilibrium to occur. The explosion force (velocity) and the restoring force (attraction force) between the positive and negative force fields together form all the energy in the universe.

The emptiness within the universe (even within matter) enabled the original explosion force to change direction, (even into waving, orbiting, spinning and vibration movements) without losing its energy (speed), i.e. the principle of conservation of energy.

Initially, the explosion speed, which equaled the speed of light, was not disturbed by the compensating restoring forces of positive and negative force fields, that compensate each other in the homogeneous density where, furthermore, in accordance with Newton’s laws, the force of the speed is greater than the compensating forces between the force fields, as a result of which the positive and negative force fields cannot amalgamate.

Within the first, upper layers around the inflation/explosion point, these force fields experienced no influence from other force fields and so they moved straight on, at an unimpeded velocity and virtually unevolved, towards the edge of our current universe. However, a tiny difference in position within this homogeneity has caused a shift in direction of one force field among the infinite number of force fields, resulting, through the domino effect and after a long continuing development, in the present structure of the universe.

As a consequence of this disturbance of homogeneity in favor of the restoring force, later inflation- emissions experienced an increasing influence from the preceding emissions, as a result of which force fields tended to partly convert their straight movement into steadily orbiting movements round about an opposite worthy force field, thus reducing the speed of their straight forward movement.

However the undisturbed constant supply of Big Bang inflation forcefields remains creating undisturbed homogenous layers, which fill up the (web) space between the galaxies.

Since the space expanded spherical, and thus created more space; this allowed orbiting movements to be introduced around the particle pairs that had already evolved, after which neutrino’s, electrons, quarks, etc., all (macro)molecules like hydrogen, and all known matter developed, in line with the theory of evolution.

In essence, there is little difference in the composition between different forms of matter. These differences only concern the degree of interlinkage of the positive and negative force particles and their orbiting degree (determined by their position), together with their interrelated movement velocities; manifesting itself in different categories of force-carrying particles. Thus, at an equal speed, the number of rotations around a combination of primal force fields with a smaller rotation distance will be higher and therefore this will be influenced by the primal restoring force more and, as a consequence, bind forces to a greater extent. This implies that the introduction of the “string theory” is fundamentally not necessary.

As described above, the increasing mutual influences of younger Big Bang layers caused increasing spinning movements of and between particles, resulting in an increasing decrease of the original straight velocity at which these particles were flung into space, which nowadays can be recognized in the decreasing velocities between galaxies which have evolved from these layers and which are therefore moving away from each other, but not, as it seems, moving faster.

This still extreme high Big Bang outburst velocity is the cause why, in the universe’s infancy within extremely dense starless regions, a very rapid growth of pre-galactic gas clouds (the fore-runners of galaxies) developed upto supermassive black holes. For the reason that the (orginally black) matter collapsed into halos (the glue for galaxies) from which the very rapid growth into supermassive black holes prevented the formation of stars, that could have competed for matter in the area.

The increasing resistance referred to above caused the galaxies in question to evolve more quickly than the galaxy layers that had separated earlier, and which therefore cannot but differ from our galaxy and from those galaxies at the same distance from the Big Bang center.

The previously launched gradually evolving galaxy layers manifest themselves in an abrupt increasing red shift measurements. By their lower level of evolution, with less particle orbits, spins and vibration, their layers experience less loss of the original straight Big Bang velocity, resulting in jerky increasing red shift measurements This manifest itself in the wrong phenomenon that the first layer emitted by the Big Bang, which moves on towards the edge of the expanding universe at the speed of light, in comparison with later ejected evolved layers, wrongly seems to move on steadily faster than the speed of light.

Contradictory, there are blue shifted galaxies in an expanding red shifted universe, like M84, M86, M87 and M31, which are more massive than the Milky Way and therefore more evolved and more loosing their straight forward velocity. According to the “ESA-Gaia radial velocity image”, the average blue shift (moving to us) rate is 35,14 km/s, while the red shift (away from us) adds up to 42,54/s. This difference in average km/s can be explained by the fact, that the first Big Bang eruptions occurred in a filling empty (yet to be created) universe, while later eruptions almost immediately encountered resistance, and thus evolved faster (more massively), whereby decreasing speeds can be observed. It appears from the same ESA-image, that this declining mass increase can still be observed in the Viiirgo-cluster (in the blue shifted more massive M84, M86, M87).

The majority of the original primal force fields appear not to have been caught in a spinning movement, but appear to be web-structured and to bond the different forms of mass (galaxies, stars, planets, etc.) in space, and to drag these masses in the original explosion direction.

These primal force fields (dark matter) are the basis of the gravity web, which, together with the restoring force between the positive and negative primal force particles (mass), are part of the universe-wide gravity force field.

These primal force fields still possess their original homogeneous composition in a mutual diamond-shaped formation, which is created by the steadily alternately blown out positive and negative Big Bang explosion- eruptions. This is the basis for a flexible, three-dimensional network (web of black mass), which in theory consists of positive force fields alternated by negative force fields at each of the corners, which can be revealed as more complicated patterns when approaching, and becoming anchored in the masses. Higg’s fields are possible elements of this.

The black mass is a gravity web that moves straight ahead, undisturbed, but it pulls on the galaxies that are losing speed as a result of evolution. This difference in speed causes tension. In an effort to compensate for the reduction in speed of the layers, the web of black mass had to transfer part of its original explosion velocity into a vibration movement, that can be found “all over” the universe as a minimum mutation above zero. The right explanation for the background radiation !

The generally accepted explanation for the cosmic background radiation, as the faint echo of a wildly hot violent event, contradicts the second law of thermodynamics (entropy) and the in this essay described gradually expansion.

This velocity decreasing vibration movement increases the binding force (by more influence of the restoring force) between the positive and negative primal force fields within the web and this gravity increases the (swelling force)mass of the web as a whole. The described increasing difference in tension will disturb the lateral homogeneousness between the galaxy formations and the black mass web, whereby parts of the web will curve over the galaxies and thus strengthen galaxies in their revolving movement while parts will even shift towards the galaxy formations.

Since there is an enormous quantity of black mass, such a disturbance may bring about a shift in black mass above the galaxies that are dragged along, of a size bigger than the known galaxies. This development is already taking place in the interstellar gas nebulae of spiral galaxies, where the aforementioned primal particles (as part of the web of black matter) have shifted to, and evolve into, visible molecules (hydrogen, helium) through invisible neutrinos and other elementary particles. This explains why dark matter is strikingly absent in ecliptic galaxies, most of which are relatively older.

The virtually balanced structure of the universe as observed substantiates the assumption that this development will manifest itself all over the universe at virtually the same distances from the Big Bang center.

The end of the universe can be explained from how it originated; the finiteness of movement, which may be observed in black holes, where a temperature of one tenth of a million above the absolute zero is expected.

This termination process can be explained briefly as follows: The rotating variation in the movement of direction, will lead to increased influence of the restoring forces in relation to the movement speed, and this will cause increasing rotations, compacting a star mass from within. As a consequence of the high compaction pressure, the particles will have been pressed closer to each other, resulting in increasing smaller but more orbits between a positive and negative primal forcefield, ending in vibrations under increasing influence of the restore forces. This development will lead to increasingly less movement, and, as a result, lower temperatures, on the one hand and an increasing influence of the restoring forces (gravity) on the other, until the absolute zero, i.e. no movement, is reached and the particles will absorb each other and disappear ( mathematical zero dimension).

The universe fiction philosophy and the standard model:

The standard model of particle physics is a theory that describes the forces and particles that together form all matter. Whereas this standard model theorizes along the experimental road, the previously described universe philosophy approaches the same subject from the origin of the Big Bang.

As described above, a minimum disturbance within the Big Bang equilibrium between two tiny primal force fields caused a domino effect resulting in a disturbance between an enormous number of primal force fields. The positive and negative primal force fields tried to amalgamate but were kept separate from each other by the primal explosion speed, which created a bonding (gravity) force. The disturbance in equilibrium sketched caused stronger bonding between force fields, adjacent to each other in curved paths, and provided a bonding force field (or accumulating mass) between the united force fields (particles) in question. Here, the extent to which the full straight velocity energy is continued in a partly curved movement, plus the size of the distance from which the other particle is allied, determines the extent of affinity of the relationship with the partner particle and so the extent of the binding energy (or the accumulating mass).

Integrating the above philosophy into the existing experimentally composed standard model, and assuming “perfect conditions”, leads to the following definitions, in order of the first stages of the Big Bang:

Inflation of vibration-less positive and negative forcefields at absolute zero:

Single positive and negative massless photons.

The first encounter in the universe: 1.positive + 1. negative photon = neutrino. (total 2 photons)

The next logistically expected bindings: 1. neutrino + 1. negative photon = electron. (1pos +2neg=3 photons.

1. neutrino + 1. positive photon = positron (2pos+1neg=3 photons).

Interweaving of already formed combinations:

2 positrons + 1 electron = up-quark (5pos+4neg=9 photons).

2 electrons + 1 positron = down-quark 4pos+5neg=9 photons).

2 up-quarks + 1 down-quark = proton (14pos+13neg=27 photons).

2 down-quarks + 1up-quark = neutron (13pos+14neg=27 photons).

The proton/neutron population thus created has a ratio of 50/50,which due to the decay (depending on the initial encounter position) of the neutron stabilizes on the present-day ratio 88/12. (within atoms)

Next logistically expected binding is; a proton / neutron combination (27pos+27neg=54 photons), which undergoes the same above decay effect by being bombarded by photons, originated from split mass-possessing star particles.

These were vibrating particle-photons straight from the concerned heated star interior, supplemented by photons from other galaxies. The latter photons will move along the positively / negatively structured black mass web ,where they get a wave structure.

After a bombardment by two pair of positve and negative photons (force fields), where specially the decay sensitive neutron is hit, there arises a “deuterum-atom”, consisting of 1 proton, 1 neutron, 1 wave-possessing electron and 1 free wave-less positive photon (massless force field).

The large production of deuterum prevents the development known as “deuterium bottleneck”.

However, conditions are not as perfect as stated above before, but depend on the different initial positions as regards the degree of velocity contributed, the positions of primal particles and the influence of third-party positions (see below).

In essence, this already starts with the first Big Bang emission-disruption, with which the foundation is laid for an infinite variation in primal force-field combinations, because of the fact that every combination is formed from a different encounter position. As a result each restore force (mass-swelling/tension) is slightly different. These infinite differences in force-field voltages form in combination the basis for an infinite voltage-difference storage, which can retain information by ordination and thus making evolution possible. Defining evolution as an ordination process of repetitive (information) phenomena.

Fundamentally, all primal force fields possess a positive or negative force field. The positive and negative energies act as bonding forces for all existing mass, and this force is so strong that the explosion velocity energy is required to segregate them. This implies that bosons do not function as basic force carriers for everything that has mass, but that they can only have a stability regulation task for the bonding imbalance described below.

The same applies to the graviton. Initially, this is a massless primal forcefield , which has achieved bonding force and as a result mass, due to its being bonded as a structural part of the gravity network (black mass web).

Although there is a positive and negative equilibrium in the universe as a whole, a perfect equilibrium is not feasible in most bonded compositions because of the fact that each new bond will be created at a different distance from an existing bond, and the velocity by which the other bond is approached can be different due to a previous conversion of velocity into orbiting, spinning, waving and vibrations. As a result, most matter possesses a degree of abundance or deficiency of combinations of primal force particles, the effect of which can be increased by an asymmetric structure or dipolar effect.

Any potential abundance or deficiency in the force field between the primal particles will be compensated by a primary combination that is in an opposite position. An unbalanced composition will cause a disturbance in the tension equilibrium, which is initially compensated by speed vibration, leading to the first heat that could be detected in the universe.

Further combinations will be formed, leading to cloud formation, which was accompanied by the bending movement that was initiated by the deviating photons, thus forming the basis of star formations and possible black holes in an at long last extremely high temperature.

This contradicts the Big Bang synthesis that started with an extremely high temperature and did not evolve gradually (contrary to the entropy principle). It started however as a steady inflation stream of positive and negative force fields, constructing an universe wide black matter web, populated by evolving primordial clouds; wherein the temperature is gradually increasing through tension-contrasting vibrations. ( thus without losing energy)

It is curious, despite what one initially expected, that the Big Bang did not cause an explosion of light, and also remained invisible to the human eye, since, initially, the primal forcefields, that were scattered by the explosion, had a homogeneous and singular composition. However, in order to be seen by the human eye, a complicated wave-shaped composition of photons would be required, which in turn would require a web structure, which did not exist yet. Therefore decoupled photons can only manifest themselves in a stable environment, where they pass through an existing web construction.

Relevant statements:

According to the above philosophy, matter and anti-matter are in balance in the universe and there is not a set of different fundamental forces that binds matter, but, on the contrary, there is one universal binding force (the unification theory).

The conventional description of the local inflation theory, i.e. that an extremely tiny region of space can be blown up into a universe-sized domain, not only implies an even increase of positive and negative energy, but, is also a matter of explosion velocity, while such an explosion velocity will have a devastating effect on an existing universe. Without the explosion velocity, the positive and negative energies will cancel each other out.

The fact that the edge of our universe is expanding at explosion speed, does not give rise to the assumption that our universe is part of a larger whole, i.e. a multiverse. The philosophical approach that follows, assumes a coherence in the statements; · space is a consequence of movement and time, · mass is a consequence of a movement of (swelling) positive and negative forces, · universe is a consequence of space and mass, i.e. without movement there is no space and no mass and, as a consequence, no universe. Starting from the assumption that mass seems to be fiction, a universe therefore seems to be fiction too. According to this statement one may assume that each possible universe has its own space. (In the same way that one person’s daydream about a universe can never connect with someone else’s daydream concerning the same universe.)

The general theory of relativity implies an influence exerted by gravity on the light-photons, which indicates why photons will travel along the three dimensional web of black matter, which serves to explain their and other wave movements, e.g. photons, which emerge from mass of a star, during a process in which mass- possessing particles are split into massless positive and negative photons, which (as an example) bombarded the original proton/neutron combinations into stabilized atoms through the reproduction of wave-bearing electrons within the atomic shell.(see before)

Since the black matter web expands in a spherical environment, the waves become progressively longer, while the initial Big Bang speed remains invariably the same, through which the light needs more time to bridge the same distance. Thus over a fixed distance in universe the speed of light is gradually decreasing.

The primordial movement can be captured in the next philosophical equation: Primal movement = Big Bang emission rate = the wave corrected increased speed of light = the sum of; . the propagation velocity of the relevant galaxy, . the circulation speed of that galaxy, measured at the site of the therein contained relevant solar system, . the circulation rate of that solar system, measured at the spot of the therein contained relevant planet, . the speed of rotation of that planet, measured at the site of the located therein contained relevant atom population, . the circulation/vibration speed between the relevant basic particles, contained in that atomic population, . the speed of rotation of the relevant elementary Big Bang particle itself. So, a complete decoupling of an elementary particle takes place with the basic Big Bang emission velocity (= primal movement).

The above is relevant in explaining the gravity waves: Gravity waves can be caused by a collision of black holes and by explosions of celestial bodies. By a collision of black holes the new united black hole seems to have lost weight, which is due to the amalgamation of the positive and negative primal particles into nothing. (see the previously described end of the universe) The resulting suction force causes an one-time pull on the suddenly increasing world wide web, which compensates this (because of the unchangeable emission velocity) through vibration speed reduction of the positive and negative primal particle pairs on the adjacent edge of the web. This vibration (energy) reduction is wave-wise leveled on the foregoing particle pairs in the world wide web. (See the previously explained existence of the background radiation). By the explosion of celestial bodies , both free decayed primal particles and mass-bound particles (in different dimensions) are ejected. The mass-bound emissions will be collected in the local part of the universe as a result of their by encapsulation reduced primal velocity. The ejected mass-less particles disappear at the speed of light along the structure of the web, unless, unlikely, the web cannot handle the amount ejected. This might cause a bombardment of the vibrating web-particles in such an extent, that they are converted into mass-swelling particles, destroying a part of the world wide web. Depending on the degree of the web destruction, a suction force may arise on the universe wide web with the same consequences as described for colliding black holes.

The unexplained faster rotation of the outer regions of galaxies can be attributed to the still unchanged Big Bang explosion speed, which, in part, may be changed by conversion to orbits inside and outside the elementary particles. In the case of absorption of a black matter shift, the velocity may be even boosted. Moreover, decoupled celestial bodies have no weight, but they do have speed. Conclusion

The universe fiction philosophy described above proves to be realistic by demonstrating its consequences. It provides an explanation for:

cosmic background radiation, with its uniformity that spans the entire universe, mass swelling (the degree of mass swelling determines the absolute atomic weight and also the characteristics of matter), binding energy, resulting in other functions for bosons, etc., fundamental forces, including the disappearance of the unjustified distinction between them, gravity and a gravity web, conservation of energy, the equilibrium between matter and antimatter, information storage / origin of evolution, the movement of light, etc., and the corresponding waves, its gradual decrease of speed, decreasing velocities of galaxies instead of increasing velocities, abrupt increasing of red shift measurements, black holes and the ultimate end of the universe, unification theory; – a rejection of: · the introduction of the string theory, · the conventional local inflation theory, · a coupled multiverse.

The essence of this essay is the relationship between positive energy, negative energy, and movement; Newton’s unknown base of his law of motion and interpretation of gravitation; as well as the general basis of the relativity theory (e.g. black mass web); and consequently the basis for a unification theory.


The presence of the described web creates new possibilities for traveling in space. As known, the web links space masses, creating a tension between the retarding celastial masses and the web. This tension is noticeable there where the mass couples in the web, where the positive and negative swelling-surpluses join the web, where the forces of the dragging web are absorbed. Since the web is structured three-dimensionally positively and negatively, it offers the possibility to create a gravity-free zone (floating space) by through-coupling of the positive web construction points, as many as needed for the object, with a same amount of negative web construction points.(e.g. a faraday-like construction). By this, the swelling surpluses can’t reach a neutral object. After all, the origin of mass is weightless and a free mass only possess its own mass swelling, which in turn is consrtucted from weightless primal force fields, why a neutral object continues to float. By interval repetition of the previously described web disruption in a positive to negative direction, one creates the theoretic posibility to disconnect stored speeds in the web-vibration (see alleged CBR explanation) from the web to use it for space travel. (all according to the principle, as gravity-waves move along the world wide blackmass web).

The universe fiction philosophy and the quantum theory. As described in the fiction-theory,the emitted positive and negative primal force fields try to amalgamate but they are kept separate from each other by the primal explosion speed, which creates a bonding (gravity) force; the source of “mass”swelling. This swelling mass with its speed (in the form of waves) is known as the duality concept. These emitted free force fields (photons) are so small, that they can maintain their emission speed (speed of light) unhindered. They can freely move through the entire (expanding) universe and pass through barriers (quantum tunneling principle). The aforementioned photons do not have any waving movement at their origin, but when moving along a positively and negatively charged field, for instance the black mass gravity web, they may acquire such a wave. This phenomenon can develop everywhere because of the fact thah the black mass gravity web has deeply embedded itself in the celestial bodies. Because of the fact that the original Big Bang photons are the basis of all bindings, such duality can also be found in the mass possessing particles of the subatomic world, such as in neutrino’s (1positve photon + 1 negative photon), electrons (1 neutrino +1 negative photon) etc. (wave-particle duality). Like photons also subatomic particles may move unhindered because of their small size. (tunnel effect). The lighter the subatomic particles and how more synchronized (more coherent), the easier and more elastic (without pushing off parts) can be tunneled. In origin there is a negative/positive balance in the universe as a hole, and similarly, individual bindings strive for this equilibrium . Consequently, in the event of a balance disturbance caused by splitting two entangled particles in the opposite direction, the new formedparticles will immediately adjust their rotation within the spin (entanglement), because all these photons are point particles , they will stay focused on the nucleus and adjust their spin accordingly. Since the behavior of each individual paired partcles is known, their position at the mutation moment can be determined (measured), so that it is not necessary to postulate that there would be a direct change in information in time and space.

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Fiction-theory and religion philosophy

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(A philosophic / theological essay)
A theory on mankind’s entitlement to existence, (and by consequence its possibility of open up a relation ship with a supposed creator).                                                                      This  theory is founded upon the history of creation, as based on the currently available scientific knowledge in astronomy and physics, and enriched with scientific views as described by professor E. Schillebeeckx in his book “Jesus; an experiment in Christology”.

When dscussing the question of existence, science refers to the “Big Bang”.In this explanation the universe seems to have been made by a “Big Bang”. In a way, given the immense size of the universe it is not surprising that in-depth analyses of the matter from the Big,  Bang repeatedly reveal relatively enormous amounts of emptiness in e.g. molecules, atoms etc..
Suppose that infinite analysis of this matter results in no matter being found, or just a positive potential and negative potential, cancelling each other out and resulting in zero, which,  given  the current scientific findings, is not unrealistic but  probably not provable either; so does this then mean that we are living in a true emptiness?

This is not new; allready Einstein’s “General Theory of Relativity” concluded, that space, matter,time and energy did came into existence out of nothing.
Also innovative conceptions of the Big Bang indicate an existence out of nothing.
Viz.; the splitting of zero-energy in positive-energy and negative-energy, (primal force-fields),which would cancel each other until nothing, provided that these forc-field particles were not kept separated by the big bang exploition-speed.
Nevertheless, the primal force-field particles will try to restore the original conditions by pulling together, thereby creating gravity and so mass, which evolved in our existing universe.

Does this mean that life is based on “fiction”?
And if there is no matter, there cannot be any time connected with it! Then we must be living in an eternal today!
Starting from the assumption of fiction, what is then the source or cause of the Big Bang?
Most probably this source, just like the fiction of the Big Bang, is matterfree as well, and so without matter, it also knows no time.
And, what is matter-free, is not created, and consequently knows no beginning and no ending.

Staying in a man unknown and incomprehensible dimension, this source is an eternal, non-material source of power; which despite its lack of matter, but given its creative power, remains a conscious entity.
This is in contrast with the human being, which without matter has no consciousness, and as a consequence, does not exist.
So the question is; why did this self-conscious source of power create this fiction?

Is the big bang a means from the primal source to visualize his matter-free self-consciousness in order to create therein a self-conscious man?
Before it is possible to find an answer, it is important to first understand the place of mankind within that fiction.

It is clear that an evolution process has been taking place within the fiction, in which in a recent phase some animal has evolved into a self-conscious being and in so doing has passed the transition phase.
Man is a self-consciousness being, as the creator of the fiction seems to be.
However, the difference is that man’s consciousness is linked to the matter within the fiction.
Disconnecting from the fiction means the end of man’s consciousness i.e. man’s death (the finite nature of mankind).
Although connected with the matter, man, as a self-consciousness being, is self-determining (autonomous).
Within the fiction man can create but also destroy, for example by taking his own life, or by destroying a part of the fiction through war or by CO 2 emission.

It is therefore also possible for man to want to acquaint himself with the creator of the fiction, or not, and thus to deny or acknowledge the existence of the creator.
Given the independence of man, such a recognition is not forced and therefore cannot be the reason for creating a fiction.
Man’s autonomy also seems to exclude some sort of “play thing” existence.

However, man, as a self-conscious being that can take an independent position, around whom the entire fiction of the universe seems to be constructed, must be of some importance to the creator of the fiction.
There seems to be little point in having a human being disappear from the fiction at the end of his or her life.
Evidently the creator of the fiction offers mankind the possibility of putting its self-consciousness outside the fiction and that undoubtedly must have a goal or point.

A possible goal was formulated through monotheism.
There, the reason for the creation can be found in recognizing the existence of the creator of the fiction, but then founded on a voluntary, autonomous and disinterested basis.
This would lead to an anchoring of the self-consciousness of man in the self-consciousness of the creator of the fiction, resulting in a disconnection from the fiction.

But, why should a recognition of the existence of the creator be the motive to introduce mankind?
The potential stayed in a timeless emptiness, where this potential can be self-sufficient but without any existence-recognition, because of the lack of a confirmation-source.
By creating man the creator ended a solitary stay in a timeless emptiness with no possibility to love and being loved, where the potential-source self-sufficiency did not experience being an ultimately fulfilling existence.
In essence, by creating man, the creator did create himself.

We have now entered the realm of religion, where directly a link can be made with monotheism in which only one creator is recognized, just as described within the fiction-theory.
An assumed existence of multiple entity’s remains, nonetheless, because of human’s fictionconnection to that one creating entity, a monotheistic matter.
Multiple entity’s probably don’t exist, because then there would be no need to create mankind to acknowledge one’s existence.
Possible entity’s that don’t strive self-acknowledgment stay unknown to others and therefore do not exist.

The form of monotheism referred to above has its origins in Judaism, which historically explainable, has got a national and overly human character.
A Jewish prophet, Jesus of Nazareth, who was also important for Islam as well as Christianity, was a corrective force as regards religion and stripped it of its human influences and gave it a universal character.
Professor Schillebeeckx, in his book “Jesus, an experiment in Christology”, has tried to place Jesus in his historical context, taking into account the Jewish culture and symbolism in the use of language, properly justifying it linguistically and only relying upon facts and events that can be historically double-checked.
He reconstructs a historical person, who, by virtue of his way of life, his statements and faith, may give a deeper answer to the question of how the anchoring of the self-consciousness of man in the consciousness of the creator of the fiction, or the disconnection from the fiction, can be achieved.

Jesus’ inheritance is concentrated in being human towards others, having positive human feelings towards all that is valuable in mankind, reacting (also through man) to God’s universal love of man.
Professor Schillebeeckx sees this attitude as the connecting factor which makes man’s cause coincide with God’s cause, in a fellowship with God.
From this it can be concluded that connection and anchoring are achieved by a person’s willingness to subject one’s true self to that which is worthy in man (by complete self-identification with the other) and to his Creator, by which both realize a recognition of each other’s full existence.
Professor Schillebeeckx (as a monk) describes this as; “opening up man’s love like a flash at the universal creative love of God the creator”.

Such a presumed ability to connect and anchor with a creating primal potency suggests, that, within the fiction-theory, one can only start to see an evolving animal as human when it has become a potential creator-aware and self-conscious being.
This assumption raises the hypothetical question; why and how an animal, obeying an evolutionprocess, becomes creator-aware?
Reaching a phase of god-awareness seems not serving the evolution; just as a self-destructive human-being is conflicting the evolution.
Or, is the “human”-animal less influenced by the evolution-process, but more framed by flattering his self-consciousness potential, what consequently will involve man in a creator-awareness!

Does the Creator just leave it as a recognition, based on the anchoring of the self-consciousness of man into the self-consciousness of the Creator, or does He think such a recognition not to be enough fundamental.
Next may be the answer:
A recognition of the creator of the fiction, done by a origin equal consciousness, will achieve the highest achievable recognition-effect between entities of equal potency.

If so, next possibilities are presenting themselves:
-A. The original (creator) consciousness-potential is inexhaustibly increasable, through which each becoming human is given the possibility to add a fragment at the original (creator) consciousnesspotential.
-B. The original (creator) consciousness-potential “is” eternal, consequently not to be created and therefore not increasable.
In this thesis the creator gives each human the possibility to obtain a fragment from his immense original consciousness-potential, which will be realized when joining the divine community of love.
The possible finiteness of the universe (ending like it started) may implicate, that the benefit of human life will cease to exist, through which the proposed possibility B is preferred.
Moreover, possibility B effects a more ultimate recognition effect, whereby the ultimate full-fledged relationship between entities can be obtained.

The fact, that man is part of the visualized immaterial self-consciousness of the creative primal source, indicates, that the creator opened the way to such a relationship.
To this end the creator has provided an environment (universe), in which the creator intended relationship to humans can develop, in the expectation that, at the end of life, the then dissappearing man-received visualized fraction in the primal potential, in intangible form through anchoring in the primal potential, will be contimued as a divine community of love.

But why as yet to fulfill a fiction-life?
The answer may be, that by coupling human’s consciousness-potential to an earthy existence an own identity is be given to each individually human consciousness.
This identity, having love as standard, can not be infected by a negative (earthy) autonomy, in which case, in leaving the fiction (deceasing) man may lose both his fiction-matter and selfconsciousness.
The didactic bible-story, concerning the fallen angels, teaches: obtaining an identity may lead to a negative autonomous attitude, which aforementioned can be eliminated by way of an earthy (fiction) life.
Does man, because of his negative autonomousness, not make use of the by the creator offered and intended opportunity to the formation of the previously indicated community of love, man, at his death, loses his fiction-matter and his self-consciousness as well, because he has not affected a linking of his consciousness with the eternal primal potential, so he then, like all mortal beings, disappears in a nothingness.

Aforementioned consciousness is, at his birth, coupled to an individual assembly of genes, which determines the body and the brain.
In man’s lifetime the interacting body and brain will create a store of experiences, resulting in the identity of the individual man.
This identity determining individual package, with its possible distortions and abnormalities, does not have any influence on the purity of both the by the creator with man aimed consciousness relationship as the response of the human being thereon, in realizing an anchored consciousness (love) relationship.
A god realization rejection, arguing “the biological manipulable brain” confuses identity with consciousness.

The result is, a by the Creator aimed relationship with mankind, in which He gives a part of himself, expecting from mankind a loving recognition like He recognizes man.
Thus the primal creating potency has transformed the original primal conscious potential for a renewed divine living-community of love.
In the resulting divine living-community of love, one shares each-others love and consequently one’s spiritual experiences of love in and with the creation, and maybe, in the context of a assumed timelessness, even may be able to relive these spiritual experiences of love.

To be incorporated in this divine living-community of love, does not lead to a break with relationships, which are built in unconditional love during one’s earthy live.
One may expect that such a relationship will continue to exist unto generations (e.g. grandchildren), by “being there” for them, on a spiritual level (of love).

The theory will probably never be experimental scientifically justified.
Nonetheless one may conclude, that the thesis may be fundamental as a basis for all religion-theories.
Nevertheless nonetheless, a denial of the existence of a creating God has been made more difficult, whereas free-thinkers have been given some more food for thought.

FICTION-THEORY ( Integrated into world religions)
A summary confrontation to reason what the influence of an implemented application of the fictiontheory on the world religions can be.

If one tries to fully integrate the fiction-theory into Christianity, then Christian concepts such as “trinity, heaven, hell and purgatory” take on a somewhat different interpretation.

“Trinity” translates into a community of love, in which:
–The “Father” = the Creator, representing the original consciousness-potential.
–The “Son” = mankind, that is disconnected from the fiction but anchored in the consciousness of   the Father.
This relationship, intended by the Creator, is propagated by a prophet, who is professed in the    Christian-bible and who, by virtue of his way of live, his statements, his faith and his    performance of beneficial acts in Palestine, has got a pioneer-function.
By this he became the personification of whole mankind within the “Son” and probably the most important intercessor to the Creator in the divine living-community of love.(heaven)
–The “Holy Ghost” = the anchoring of the consciousness between the Father and the Son.
Without Father no Son, without Son no recognition as desired by the Father, packed in a relationship of unconditional love (The love which mutually connects the Father with the Son)

In explaining the trinity, the description of the “Son” deviates from Christianity.
There are different interpretations within Christianity, the Jewish religion and Islam.
The Jewish religion and the Islam call him a prophet, whereas in Christianity the “doctrine of man /Son of God” has steadily arisen, until at the Council of Nicea in AD 325 it, under resolution passing pressure, on the basis of then generally practiced Christ piety, was accepted as a dogma.
This dogma assumes that the Son emerged from the Father.                                                                                                                                                                                                                Below the arguments against and in favour of this Christian dogma vision are dicussed.

Arguments against the dogma vision:

According to Schillebeeckx, the historical Jesus has never himself acknowledge being divine, which may indicate a careful avoidance of every obstacle to human independence and autonomy.
Jesus lived in a spiritual of nation hopes for an end-time traditionally wonder-performing prophet, which was projected onto Jesus, while followers well-meant tended to increase the at that time miraculous events or even to complete from other sources known miracles.

Schillebeeckx describes Jesus as an extraordinary, historical figure, who, by the way he lived his life, his view of life and by how he experienced God, had managed to forge a special connection with his Creator.
For example, his calling God “Abba” (literally “Daddy”) instead of the then customary Jewish religious names of Yahweh, Father, etc., suggests a very emotional bond.
So it seems therefore possible, that an appeal from the prophet Jesus to his Abba, especially concerning the salvation of his fellowmen, would receive a higher consideration than the average person’s appeals and why he could manifest so noticeably in Palestine back then.

Incidentally, in Jewish culture the (human) title “son of God” had been used for former prophets  long before Jesus’ arrival.
His special status in Christianity within the bible seems explicable in the absence of time outside  our fiction-existence. By the Creator this is experienced as time-less.
Consequently the Creator was been able to foreseen the intensity of the close relationship Jesus   should create with his God (his Abba).
To such an extent, Jesus got a pioneer-function in explaining the intended relationship between  mankind and his creator.
This might be the reason why Jesus’ coming seems to be prepared in the bible.

Within the fiction-theory a creation of a divine son, born of the Father (Creator) is not explainable.
More divine original consciousness-potentials make the need to create mankind superfluous.
In all probability the titling is of no importance, otherwise this would have been made known in a much forceful way during Jesus’ lifetime.
Apparently, the message that was being told to the world mattered the most.

Amplifying, the book written by Paul Verhoeven is referred.
In his book “Jesus of Nazareth” he describes, founded on his film-producers background and fed by during 20 years attending the by prominent scientists-visited “Jesus Seminar”, a historical human Jesus, who may approximate the forever unknown reality.

In support of the “Son of God” dogma, bible-certain Christians refer to the part of the Bible, where  God self gives evidence of his only Son, according to the apostles Mark (9:1-12), Luke (9:28-36), Mathew (17:1-11) on the mount Tabor and Mark (1:9-11), Luke (3:21-22), Mathew (3:13-17) during the baptism of Jesus of Nazareth by John, where in both cases should have been pronounced from heaven: “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased”.
However, the use of the phrases “beloved” and “in whom I am well pleased”, instead of a straight pronouncement, seems superfluous; unless there are also sons in whom He is not pleased.
Last thesis matches the fiction-theory, where every man (like sons) is invited to take part in God’s existence, but what is not accepted by everyone in a by the Creator aimed relationship between man and his Creator.

Otherwise, from those testimonies, by the apostles Mark, Luke and Mathew, may be concluded, that the Creator, staying in a timelessness, has foreseen, that Jesus of Nazareth should fulfill his mission through which, as appears from the above mentioned pronouncements, Jesus became the chosen specimen of mankind.
It is obvious, in an awareness-process on the by the Creator towards man intended relationship, Jesus of Nazareth has experienced God’s power of creation and in this close contact with his “Abba” he steadily became aware of his Messiah acquired special status by performing his (to him unexpected) miracles.
Starting from above assumption, Jesus of Nazareth has reacted to the vacation of his Creator and in  being human, he has sought the essence of his mission as aimed by his Creator, in which he is remarkably strengthened by at that time miraculous occurrences and bible-prophecies.
As chosen specimen of mankind, Jesus of Nazareth has refreshed and opened up the possibility of a relationship with the Creator, through which Jesus should have got a mankind privileged position within the “Son”.

As chosen specimen, Jesus of Nazareth should expect support from mankind towards their Creator in Jesus’ search of the essence and consequences of his mission.
On the other hand, mankind can appeal to the aimed status of relationship between mankind and his Creator, as achieved by Jesus, in intermediating Jesus in reaching the Creator.

In world-religions lots of people have experienced a similar vocation, carrying this out in propagating their assumed essence of their mission, as can be referred to great names as Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius and all great minds, to be found in all religions.
It is encouraging to hear the following (translated) adapted “credo” within the (Dutch) Roman   Catholic Church:

I believe in love,
source of live
at all times;
for that reason I believe in Jesus Christ,
child of Mary.
I believe in the virtue of the way of living, set by him,
who has been crucified, has died and been buried,
but who is alive in us
carrying his name
and celebrating his memory.
I believe that those,
who believe in love,
shall not die for ever.
I believe in the greatness of Jesus’ being-human:
He is the standard;
he is the touchstone for our way of living.
I believe in people creating a church together, full of doubts in continung to believe there is a loving God, marching on with them.

According to the fiction theory man has become, through the visualized part of God’s self-conscious potential received by man,  a participant in God’s primal potental,  whereby also the creator, the primal potency itself, has become part in  the love and sorrow of the whole mankind.

Arguments in favour of the dogma vision.

In spite of the arguments put forward against the dogma vision, the fiction-theory can substantiate the dogma vision to a significant degree:
For realization of an ultimate full-fledged relationship between entities, (the primordial potency and the human being) the primal  potency can assign himself, by means of his incarnation as large a fraction from the primal visualized consciousness potential as the fraction of the individual man.
In this way, as God/man, in full awareness of his potency, the creator has aligned himself as an equal entity with man both in his earthy existence as within the divine community of love.
The outlined transformation of the almighty primal potency in the biblical God/man, Jesus of Nazareth, attests to an all embracing unsurpassed love from the Creator to the human being.
The cited modified context with Christianity is, that now we are talking about the primal potential (Creator/God) itself, and not about the Son, which would have emerged from the Father.                                                                                                                                          In  this context, all arguments aganst the dogma vision appear to confirm the  intention of the primal potential to be fully human with humanity in the entity of Jesus
Nevertheless, also in the just above described situation, Jesus Christ choses to remain part of the Son within the Trinity, be it in an outstanding position.

Interpretation of other Christian conceptions:

The concept “heaven” is the bond of love between the individual love of man with the universal love of God (Creator), by man’s individual part in the original consciousness-potential of the Creator, connected to the individual love of all mankind, forming a divine living-community of love, in which one shares one’s love and consequently one’s spiritual experiences of love in and with the creation, and maybe even, in an assumed timelessness, the reliving of these experiences of love.                                                            The concept “heaven” is reflected in the concept “trinity” as a highest unique realization of personhood.

“Hell” means the destruction of any human being not by love disconnected from the fiction; who in death loses both matter and consciousness.

“Purgatory” is not an essential concept within the fiction-theory, but may be a phase in which the deceased who, although in love disconnected from the fiction, bitterly regret their forsaking of love, which could have increased their “flash of love “ at the universal creative love of God.

“Devils, satan, fallen angels” have no meaning within the fiction-theory, but these concepts are covered by the human ability to be “negative autonomous”. Which encloses, that an intended anchoring by love, at the same time includes the rejection of a possible practiced negative autonomousness.
The fiction-theory may know deceased non-fiction decoupled, who through interconnections in the self-consciousness of a living being, are not able or willing to leave the fiction.
In Matthew 8:28, Luke 8:26, Mark 5:1 (the possessed of Gerasenes ) is spoken about Legion (“devils/unclean spirits”), that enter a herd of swines, which subsequently rushed down the steep bank into the lake and were drowned.(exiting the fiction)
The fiction theory knows no “devils/unclean spirits”, but does offer the possibility of deceased nonfiction decoupled, which, according to the evangelists mentioned afore, through interconnections in the self-consciousness of a living fellow being, are not able or willing to leave the fiction.
Apparently a great torment, which they escape by dying in a swine (exiting the fiction and losing his consciousness).
The evangelists turn out to have the same concept of “hell”.

The concept “angels”, within the fiction-theory, might be in love deceased human beings, who from their position as intercessors with God, try to assist their living beloved.

The “Bible”, within the fiction-theory, is principally important as far as it has contributed at the statements, faith, virtue of way of live, proclaimed by Jesus of Nazareth.
Meaning, the “Bible” is describing the history of monotheism (and been interpreted by Jesus of Nazareth).

The fiction-theory has problems with the Christian “Son of God”-dogma.
Nevertheless, the fiction-theory fits perfectly within the Christian tradition.


The possible Christian point of view according to the fiction-theory:

Before the world began (John 17:5, 17.24); the Father and the Son/man, Jesus Christ, were one (John 10:30, 10:38, 12:45, 14:10), in a matter-free (without beginning and end) self-conscious source of power, which, in the pursuit of an ultimate full existence (for all entities), has created, out of nothing (see the renewed big-bang version) with input of its potential, an environment in which a corroboration source can evolve between equivalent entities, that, in complete self-identification with the other, are capable of  knowing/corroborating (John 17:3) each other’s full existence, resulting in the invitation for mankind to become part (John 17:23, 17:24) of the divine community of love, symbolized in the (1) trinity (John 14:20, 17:21, 17.22, 17.23), which has been perfected and reaffirmed by Creator,s incarnation.

On the basis of above mentioned statements of Jesus one can conclude the following:

Before the world began (by the “Big Bang-split of zero-nothing in positive and negative each other attracting fields) there was nothing (no matter and so no time; an eternal today) but an,  the man-unknown zero-dimensional, indivisible self-consciousness one (a primal potential  named the Father) , who has created out of nothing a visual universe, in which the ‘Father” has made available parts of his consciousness potential to give autonomous beings an opportunity to develop into entities. In other words, a transformation from the primal consciousness potential to an indivisible range of entities, of which only Jesus was aware of his origin (the “Father entity’) and of his mission given by the origin,  (the Father). In Jesus’ death cry, “My God why doe you abandon me”, one can explain  the moment when Jesus leaves his “the Father entity”, while in “Father in your hands I command my spirit”, Jesus obtains his own entity which he offers  to the “Father” once again.


John 17:5.   And now, Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began.

John 17:24. (partly) and to see my glory, the glory you have given me because you loved me before the creation of the world.

John 10.30. I and the Father are one.

John 10.38.(Partly;) that the Father is me and I in the Father.

John 12:45. The one who looks at me is seeing the one who sent me.

John 14:7. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. Etc.

John 14.10. Don’t you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say you I do not speak on my own authority. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work.

John 17:11. (partly;) Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name, the name you gave me, so that they be one as we are one.

John 17:3. Now this is eternal life; that they know you, the only true God and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.

John 17:23. I in them and you in me – so that they may brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent  me and have loved them  even as  you have loved me.

John 17:24. Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am. Etc.


The Father; the indivisible only one, matter-free self-conscious source of power: The Creator.

The Son;  Jesus Christ, as indivisible part from the Father, as well as Son of man, equal in entity with  man; together with all man  who  are with him.

The Holy Ghost; the love between the Father and the Son.

John 14:20. On that day you will realize, that I am in my Father, and you are in me and I am in you.

John 17.21.That all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.

John 17.22. I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one.